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Crown Wall Mouldings

Crown  Wall Mouldings

CROWN MOULDING  made in Germany

Matteo EPS (expanded polystyrene) crown mouldings are made of high expanded polystyrene.Made in Germany. These architectural elements are created for interior applications in homes, restaurants, ballrooms, offices, lobbies or anywhere there is a need to enhance your decor.

We present a wide range of Cornice Mouldings with different styles and designs, inspired by historical trends in Europe and America.Our Mouldings are:

  • made of economic material,
  • light weight
  • do not require screws or nails,​
  • can be easily painted,​very durable, do not crack over time and
  • are not affected by changing weather conditions,
  • environment friendly, no CFCs or HCFC,
  • economical, save a lot of time and labour​less expensive than wood, polyurethane(PU) or plaster,
  • and finally absolutely easy to install.

All you need is to follow our Do it Yourself (DIY) Instructions

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