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Glue Styrofoam

Profi System dispersion-based Glue
Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles
✓ Crown Mouldings
✓ PU Faux Beams
✓Cover and Wall crown mouldings

✓Adhesive without additional fixing

● is a high-quality ready-to-use assembly adhesive from the cartridge ☆☆☆
● Assembly adhesive Styropor immediately on vertical surfaces.

The parts to be bonded are due to the pasty Konstintenz of the adhesive comfortable and long tweaky.
All Matteo Homedecoration ™ products are very easy to assemble and process extremely fast.

Professional  dispersion Glue in cartridges a`310 ml.

 Perfect Professional  dispersion Glue ☆ ►PU Faux Beams ▷Crown Mouldings▷ Roses ▷Ceiling Tiles

Glue for moldings and PU beams

Glue for moldings and PU beams

Glue a`310 ml (405 g)... [more]

EUR 3,90 per piece

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